Active fatigue risk management does more than just protect your drivers.

It benefits your customers, your company brand image, and the safety of other drivers on the road.

Aviation Fatigue Meter

Manage fatigue risk. Improve safety. Reduce cost.

Turn your ELD data into actionable insights to manage driver fatigue.

Drawing HOS data automatically from your ELD system, Fatigue Meter estimates each driver’s fatigue based solely on their duty schedule. Your driver managers have a continuous, near real-time fatigue assessment of every driver in your fleet throughout the 24/7 operation. No wearables or additional equipment required.

Forecast your driver's expected fatigue levels one day ahead

When a driver starts their duty day, Fatigue Meter shows any fatigue alerts that might occur during their shift.

  • Spot risks before they happen
  • Identify drivers that may benefit from a safety conversation
  • Powered by advanced, science-based analytics

Provide personalized coaching and mitigation strategies for fatigued drivers

  • Learn the basics of fatigue, how fatigue affects safety, and common mitigation strategies your fleet managers can use to coach drivers
  • Assess a driver’s work and sleep patterns to understand what is causing fatigue
  • Talking to drivers about fatigue regularly, including drivers with a good safety  record, will reinforce good sleep habits and lead to better overall health

Measure and track fatigue risk across your entire operation

  • Understand how much driving is occurring at high fatigue levels
  • Learn which parts of your organization and which drivers carry the most risk
  • Enable stronger education and process improvement

An active fatigue risk management process can produce significant results.

Collaborating with drivers to manage fatigue can go a long way toward creating a safe and productive work environment. A fleet’s drivers are invaluable to its success, and it is just good business to help them be healthy and fit for duty. As a bonus, safe CMV operations are also less costly.

Effective Coaching, Fewer SCEs

Effective Coaching,
Fewer SCEs

After having three roll stability events in two weeks, a driver received personalized tips on how to manage his fatigue and went over a year without another SCE.
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Better Fatigue Awareness

Better Fatigue

Once drivers learn how to manage fatigue while maintaining their driving miles and overall pay, they are motivated to get the proper rest they need to be fit for duty.
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Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced Operational

Over the course of a year, one national trucking company reduced the number of SCEs per week by 60%. Their total cost savings was $250,000, or about $830 per driver.
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Incorporate fatigue education videos into your driver training process.

Our seven-part fatigue education video series helps drivers learn how working long hours, inconsistent start times, and night driving are all factors that contribute to fatigue risk. Watch the example video below. 

Add Fatigue Meter to your workflow today.